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“What Platform should I use?”  This is usually the next question that arises after being able to lock on your domain name.  Here in Tech Reviewer, our members and experts give you the latest advancements and newly found loopholes for the common website platforms being currently used.  WordPress, Drupal, Wix, and SquareSpace are all popular platforms, but which one is right for you? Join our vast membership for free and get access to the knowledge and suggestion of experienced web developers who are our main contributors.  Just click on subscribe to receive at most weekly email regarding the latest reviews on platforms so you can decide which one to take soon.

website tech reviewer evaluationWe review website platforms like Drupal, Wix and WordPress and talk about the pros and cons of each platforms.  We will also talk about their capabilities and how easy or difficult it could be to change some things.  We even discuss the futuristic probabilities of the platform and the technologies capable of running in them.  That way you don’t just make a blinded guess as to what is to be used.  With Tech Reviewer, you can now have educated directions and be more confident in the way you stir your online business and presence.

Service Providers to Help You get Started

In our aim to becoming the go to site for anything website related, we will be giving you linkage as well as occasionally available discounted coupons for you to get started with your online project.  From the vast options available, you should be able to get one that is a match with your requirements and budget.  You can be assured that we only give you the best providers and listings there is. Why? Because we gain nothing from misleading you into anything that needs purchasing.

Tech Listings to help you Get Around

We know how difficult it must have been if you simply were to be lead by everything that you have read and many may even be clashing.  To cut the battle, we are giving you an ever growing list of groups and small companies who offer Tech Support specific to your need and direction.  We have included verified testimonials and customer feedback from those target Groups and Individuals.

Here in Tech Reviewer, we are also continually growing our listing of tech services offered by individual developers and groups.  If you prefer a connection with a person, you can select from the list of profiled and verified developers and virtual assistants who have different strengths and capabilities.  You may also choose the group developer if you are more inclined to knowing that your project will always be supported.  By hiring a group tech support you can relax yourself knowing that even if the single assigned developer is sick, there are others from their group who could take their place right away.


WordPress is free to use and has many plugins that can handle everything from online stores, to chat forums. It has great SEO benefits and is completely open-source which means you can change every aspect of it. It also has great security benefits. The main drawback is each site is widely different and often things can be difficult to find.

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