Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress for Your Site

WordPress is Free to use and free to Distribute

Unlike many content management sites or platforms where sites are built, WordPress is one of those that are free to use.  Among those that are free to use, many are still not free to distribute or to be used for commercial purposes.  WordPress is one of those that are free to distribute. WordPress can be redistributed in any way you like, which also comes from the fact that it is an Open Source application.  You are free to download and install, use, and modify the contents and the way you would use WordPress.  The money you saved on this choice of platform can be spent for designers and developers or for your marketing.

WordPress is Highly Designable and Tweak-ready

WordPress could also be used to create any kind of website you would want. One of the most appealing feature is that it is an open source, where the source code of the application is readily available for the user to study, modify, manipulate, and enjoy WordPress the way the user would want it to be.

As of today, there are 2600+ WordPress themes and 31000+ WordPress plugins available for the users. Themes and plugins are free and readily available for download and be used for any website you are creating. By downloading themes and plugins, the user is allowed to manipulate the look and functionality of the website he is creating, depending on the need of the blog or the site and the ease of its access for other people to view the site. These can be installed without compromising the health and the content of the created site.

WordPress sites’ functionalities can be upgraded and be more flexible by downloading plugins for a specific type of action.  A plugin is a software that contains a group of functions that can be added to your WordPress website. Eliminate hours of trying to code by applying plug-ins to the site. By downloading plugins, WordPress would be extended in features.

The possibility of the outcome site with WordPress is almost endless.  If you can imagine something so new that you believe it cannot be done with WordPress, you can rely on the next reason to have that done for you.

WordPress is Evolving and Growing with a Community

A Lot of Starters

As of today, much of the WordPress users are not computer experts nor are they professional web designers or full-time programmers.  As statistics would show, people who usually use this are those who don’t have prior knowledge of how they use this and what they are doing.

WordPress themes give you the opportunity to create a professionally designed and created website without requiring the full assistance of a designer.   With thousands of themes to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your needs or you cut that length and get a developer to help you with that tasks.   WordPress themes are easy to manipulate since most of them comes with their own options panel that would support you in choosing the colors, your website or blog logo, personal site background, personalized sliders, and many other things that you would want to put into your website that would not require you to write many complicated codes that would take a lot of your time. Over 2000 WordPress themes are available for the users in WordPress Theme Directory alone.  We still have to account the fact that there are also many themes to choose from in commercial sites.

By choosing WordPress, you would be able to join a community that is always willing to give help, suggestion, and support for other members.  Download free themes and plugins that could really help in creating your desired website and blog site. By joining the WordPress community you can share your experience using WordPress and and even contribute back to the community.

A Lot of Reachable Experts and Enthusiasts

Due to WordPress’ open source, it has become a community software, where it is maintained and updated by a large group of volunteer programmers and enthusiasts, majority of whom are WordPress consultants who are greatly dedicated to their work on maintaining and upgrading the application, and always ready to help those who are in need. Any user of this application can contribute to WordPress’ updates and upgrades by writing patches, answering questions to forums, developing plugins, designing themes, translating the WordPress, and updating documentation.

The difference between the experts in some other platforms is that a WordPress expert is quite easier to reach out to.  You can just send a shout-out to any of the sites for such expertise and you are sure to find many.  Aside from WordPress development agencies where you can check the contact information of the creators of some themes and plugins, here is a list of some job boards, and freelance sites that we recommend. Here you could find expert WordPress developers and designers:

Craigslist – If you are looking for American workers to look after your company, Craigslist is your best option.  There are many serious WordPress service providers making sure that your desired project is worked for.

Online Jobs – if you are planning like other big companies to outsource your work outside US.  In general, Filipinos have more comprehensible English as compared to many Asian countries that can work for a much cheaper cost.  Posting a job item here is also free. The downside is your time difference.

TildenTasks – an American-based company who offers WordPress services on a low rate but with a high consistency of communication and a good work load.  You may visit their site to know more about their services and which ones you will need.

Here also are some reasons that can make you think twice about using WordPress for your site.

WordPress is the platform which is most prone to virtual attacks

There are two primary reasons for that stated fact.  One is that there are just more WordPress sites therefore the likeliness that one will be attacked should be high.  It is simply saying that there is so much in the air, it becomes difficult not to hit them.

The other reason why the one above is stated is that WordPress has many newbie users making it a target to more attacks that are successful.  WordPress newbie users have the disadvantage of being like other sites out there who have low security.   Once a theme is hacked, there is a lot of chance that they could do it again using the same path and resources.