There are a lot of web developers that you can hire or consult for your WordPress needs. What’s important is that you know what you want and need and know who the right developer is that can design your site the way you envision it.

Carrie DIls is one of the best WordPress developers known in the industry. On her site she offers tutorials on WordPress and the Genesis Framework. At a time in her career as a web developer she was introduced to WordPress by her manager. She was very good in creating websites from scratch but when she heard about WordPress she researched about it. Carrie is self-taught on WordPress, she enrolled herself in online tutorials and courses to broaden her knowledge.

Another great thing about Carrie is how she freely shares through her blog tips and tricks about WordPress and Genesis. She learned about WordPress through blogs and online courses so she wanted to do the same. Also for her being able to share what she learned and getting positive feedback from her readers proves that she knows what she is talking about.

Aside from Carrie knowing the ins and outs of WordPress, she is also known for how well she communicates and build good relationships with all of her clients. She makes sure that not only can her client tell her bits and pieces of how they want their site to be but she also gives them full power to be able to manage their own site, even after she is done with the project.

Carrie is definitely one of those developers who is highly recommended by everyone she has worked with or worked for. Having a web developer, you can trust and is well-versed in the industry is essential in the process of creating your WordPress site.