Why Use Drupal for your Website

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We consolidated a list or reasons why Drupal has a growing base of users.  Check out this list and perhaps be a convert yourself.

Drupal is free and open source

Drupal is one of the CMS or platforms that are an open source. Because it is an open source, this software is always available and free for the public use. You can use, utilize, and modify the contents of Drupal based on your needs.  Drupal is free to download. It does not require purchasing, additional licensing, and maintaining the application itself. By open source systems, this gives you the opportunity to join a large community of users, programmers, and enthusiasts that are always willing to help.

Drupal has a large community

As of today, Drupal is one of the three most used platforms used. Drupal community has functioned well enough since 2001. Resources and modules that you would need for your work are submitted to the community by co-users and experts. By this, you won’t have any trouble looking for solutions to problems you could encounter. As a user, you are guaranteed for your work based also on the work of other users that are members of Drupal community.

Drupal is stable and growing

Even though that it is an open source, the software is stable. Constant upgrades and modifications of the software itself are made sure by its developers. Updates and new versions are always available for users to download. New versions are guaranteed to work efficiently, since people who are making this software are also using this and has done their work based on what they would need. But even though you are using older versions of Drupal, resources and modules are available for your support.

Drupal is easy to use

Drupal was designed by people who are also looking to make their work easy for themselves. By this, you are assured that they have gone through your problems and already made a usable solution for that. Experts who made this software have precisely designed it for your ease of use. Using Drupal saves you from the trouble of making your website without coding. Drupal gives you simple editing tools that are almost as simple as Microsoft. You will be assured that editing your website for the future will be simple and easy.

Drupal extends your creativity

You can do anything you want with your website. You can extend your software to any point you would want using modules. Anything you can think of doing for your website, the designers of the software has made sure that you can do it using Drupal. You can create any kind of website that you can think of. You can design your website according to what you would want it to look like.

Major Downside of Drupal as Platform

We listed some reasons that makes developers choose Drupal less.  Here are the top reasons why:

Drupal is relatively slow

Performance wise, drupal falls back from most platforms specially with WordPress.  Drupal takes longer time to load their pages mostly because of the wide array of tools that it uses.  And also because of that wide amount of tools, it makes it difficult to master.

Drupal is not new user-friendly

Although there are a lot of intricate details that can be manipulated with this platform, the major draw back this has is on new users.  Drupal is considered by many new users to be the one which is most unfriendly among the discussed platforms here.

Being difficult to use early on makes it also have lower sheer number of experts using this platform.  And also a diminishing number of practitioners who will eventually become experts.

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