Why Choose for your WIX Website

Here are the top reasons why WIX should be your platform for your site

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WIX Makes Your Life Easy

WIX is defined as a cloud-based web development platform for creating HTML5 web sites and mobile sites.  Users only use their online drag and drop tools for creation.  You can create your dream website without coding.  Simply put everything you want without limitations just by picking and placing it into your creation.  WIX lets you publish your website within just a day.  By using their platform, you can save thousands of your hard earned money by just creating your website by yourself instead of hiring professionals . Their software relatively requires no technical skills just mostly common sense.

WIX is user friendly

WIX cuts down the development learning code to a true short minimum.  This is best for users who wants to skip learning the tedious process of coding and designing.  It would only take you less than 20 minutes to familiarize how to use WIX. Whatever you put in your website is assured that you will see it once it is published.  Help buttons in the application are everywhere if you have any trouble in maneuvering using it.

WIX is a creative app

Over 510 design templates are available for your site. It will be up to you to choose what and how you would want your website to look like. You are always assured that these template designs are up to date as they are always kept up with the latest trends. Even with the themes being trendy, theme designers still make sure that your website looks very much respectable and presentable. With that, you are sure that anyone who visits your site will really enjoy it. If you don’t want to use these themes, making your own design is possible using WIX.  But then again, you are using WIX in order to skip the process of having to learn to code.

WIX makes sure that your visitors enjoy and your pockets full

WIX gives you the WIX app market. This is the place where you have over 150 apps you can choose from to put into your website. You can choose from apps that can help your business or interactive apps. These apps can make sure that your website is entertaining and well-visited by keeping visitor interactions great.

The e-Commerce solution of WIX, keeping track of your online business is easy for both you and your customers.  Being easy to use for your clients makes it possible for your wallets to be easily filled.

WIX makes sure that you are well supported

Customer service for using this app is helpful and always available. You can access support just by using your phone through calling them or through mail. Any way of accessing them, you can avail their help when you find problems regarding your work without having to go through the usual overload of information as presented by other platforms. You may also specify your problem by use of keywords and their search bar will look for the related topics that could help you. Only WIX assures users of a very quick turn around time when asking help from their support team.   By quick, they mean at most 8 hours.  Their support is one to beat among many because you are to get responses by a hired team of professionals instead of just from a community.

WIX takes care of your hosting

WIX provides you free hosting for your website. This gives you the opportunity to focus on just creating your website, leaving all the technical stuff related to hosting to them. You don’t have to worry about looking for host because it will already be part of the services that you paid for.

What is the major disadvantage of WIX as a platform?

WIX and SEO does not form a happy couple.

Not that they hate each other but more like, WIX is not as SEO friendly as other platforms that we have reviewed.  This is a result of WIX mostly having its URL formats as a result of java script writings.  They usually form a hard to read URLs for Search Engines.

Another reason why WIX does not form a good SEO couple is its lack for control over meta tags.  That is a big NO NO for SEO tasks.  It is like removing texture to your content which allows the blind crawlers to feel your content.

Be warned that WIX is not perfect, as is all other platforms.  We simply showcased to you some of the reasons why you should and some reasons  why you shouldn’t choose WIX for building your site.  What matters most in choosing a specific platform for your site that you are most agreeable with its PRO’s and that its CON’s is not such a pain for you to carry.  Should you need more information and expert advice on using WIX or any platform for your site, contact trusted service providers.