Tech Listing Reviews

Defining the Basic Criteria to Review Sources of Tech Listings ( Virtual Assistant, Tech Support or Web Developer)

Whether they are a group moving as a singular entity or an individual who offer technical expertise on tech listings, they still fall to these basic criteria for evaluation.  These criteria were born from selection processes performed by thousands of web support consumers. From the frequency of issues experienced by these users and the good practices kept in writing by experts, we have come up with this short list of the criteria in reviewing Virtual Assistant. We will provide excellent reviews of the top companies like Tilden Tasks, Be Located Online, and Blue Fountain Media, among others.

criteria for reviewing web developersProblem Solving Skills vs Memory

Which is more important than the other?  It depends on what you need.

Even in schools, a memory-based question only checks the cognitive functions of a person.   An intelligent developer needs no exam in memory or syntax.  They probably have less memory allotted for saving solutions because there is only a little need of it when in development.  In developmental works, problem solving skills is more important.  Memory skills are important if you are choosing a design specialist.  If your designers have little memory of designs and patterns, then the resulting service will be limited as well.  This is not really a bad thing as this is needed for branding.  When you see works of a particular designer who have similar results, then you are also assured that the next results will be similar.  If you are looking to getting new designs, then pick one who can show a wide set of ideas.

Verifiable List of Past Clients

In 2012, more than 1/4 of the world’s web industries have been hired through referrals.  To find worthwhile and trusted tech support, they should be backed with verifiable list of previous and happy customers.  Should you come up with a negative feedback from previous employers, make sure to distinguish how they felt from what transpired.  Asking previous clients will also give you more connection which you may use in the future.

List of Works or Campaigns Run or Projects Done

Many great developers are not so expressive when it comes to their resume so it always seem to happen that they are overrun by developers who hire writers.  That may be easy to do but a list of works is far more difficult to fake.  When asking for this list, make sure to check their participation in the project, their role, and the tasks that they accomplished.

Communication Skills

There are several thousand good developers out there but the greatest problem you can have with them is their communication skills. What good use is an awesome developer to you if you cannot make him understand your direction and them unable to voice out their concerns and reports properly.

Notice Punctuations through Chat Interviews

Have a chat interview instead of a live one to check whether they are able to follow stated directions.  Emails and chat are the basic connection shared between employer and employee especially in this virtual dynasty. A chat interview will also give you good gauge of how fast your applicant can thinks and type.

We tested our review subjects to replying long emails with many varied items.  Those who pass with high colors are able to segregate ideas to react to them and questions to answer them.  Notice the use of punctuations since these are truly important in written dialogues.