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To promote an Open and Honest Source of Reviews

We believe that we are not the only source of truth for everything website related.  Why? Because we are not the only users out there.  There are developers, business owners and students to name a few.  That is why we provide an avenue for reviewers and users all over the web to give feedback on things like Web Platform and Support Service Providers.  Here you can read the most honest and independent reviews that comes genuinely from user experience.

We are inviting co-service providers who are also end users of services so that together we have a open and honest source of reviews for everything website related.  You too can be part of our club.  Just give us your details by filling up the form below.

website tech community supportPerks of Tech Reviewer Club Members

This is a free platform for reviewers and users.  We simply offer a place where consumers are protected form fraudulent services and poor delivery.  Here are some perks of being a member of the Tech Reviewer Club.

Peer to peer Interaction

Club members get to ask questions to other club members.  Think of it as going to the same club with a guru on specific fields where you need help.  If you have had a bad experience and wanted it exposed but could not do it yourself, the community may be able to help you check them out and pin them once and for all.  But many of our members who are business owners too are service providers so we give due process in order to clear things out.  At the end of it, we are all are the same side – on the end user’s side of the coin.

As service providers who pay for other services, we want to be protected from waste of time of having to verify this and that.  With the Tech Reviewer Club, we can do that together.  You protect us and we protect you.  We also protect others from falling in the same mistakes that we have made.  With the help of this community, our knowledge and depth or experience is widened and multiplied by every interaction we have with each other.

Here you can borrow and lend your expertise and your questions that leads to creating experts.  You can also write your own reviews here and people can approve them making yourself a name in this industry.  You too will soon become an expert if you are not yet one.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up for a free account now and be one in promoting an independent and honest source of reviews for Tech Support Groups, Independent Web Developers, and Web related services such as hosting and platforms.