We met a blogger a few months back that needed a new website and convinced him to let us listen in on his emails and communications with a new company called WP Tangerine. WP Tangerine is a WordPress maintenance company that will develop a site from scratch for those clients who have not yet upgraded to WordPress or do not yet have a web presence.

One of the biggest issues I found in managing sites is cost. Developers are expensive and websites need regular maintenance. This maintenance comes in many forms such as changing content, updating information about your ever changing staff, or simply fixing the inevitable bugs that crop up on your website. The simple fact is developer time and costs add up. We have reviewed many companies before and after starting this blog and seen this consistently.

Many simply ignore the fire and leave their website as is. These websites give out-dated information, or sometimes contain contact forms that stopped working months ago. This ends up costing potential customers in the process. Some manage to convince inexperienced developers into doing free work, which usually leads to developers ducking phone calls and emails. After our WP Tangerine review, we found those tricks are no longer necessary. WP Tangerine understands the need for regular website maintenance and have created an affordable service that takes the stress off your shoulders.

The Internet is a constantly evolving space that is regularly being improved and expanded upon. Most of these changes go completely unnoticed by the average user, but can have a dramatic effect on your website. Sometimes these changes can affect the layout or functionality of your site, and as a result features stop working correctly or the look and feel of your site will take a slight shift. That is why it is important to have a developer monitor your site for these changes and upgrade the site accordingly. It is never a good idea to wait for a client to tell you something is off or broken.

WP Tangerine has several packages to choose from but one thing they all have is reoccurring work at a very affordable rate. You pay a monthly rate to get one or two of hours each day, and which is usually more than you will need, but the rate is cheap enough that it doesn’t matter. Once a task is submitted, they take care of one hour of it each day until it is done, and no need to deal with any more invoices. The best part is they will keep your website running even when you are not thinking about it by installing those essential security upgrades that most ignore or don’t even know about.

Since WP Tangerine offers a reoccurring service we will not reveal the website of our blogger friend, this way we can check in from time to time on him without worrying about them giving him special treatment. We will update our review of WP Tangerine in 6 months.