What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a robust infrastructure that provides a secure cloud environment for web applications. It enables companies to run their applications by utilizing the same technologies and tools that Google does. Other than that, businesses can look forward to better infrastructure that lets their developers and coders work faster and scales quickly according to need.

With the Google Cloud Platform, startups, SMBs, and enterprises can reduce their IT costs. That is because the solution has a customer-friendly pricing plan. As such, there are no upfront costs, no stifling contracts and termination fees, and businesses pay only for the service they use.

Overview of Google Cloud Platform Benefits

Automatic Scaling

App developers need a robust and scalable infrastructure that can manage the heavy loads of thousands of users consuming their apps from all over the world. With Google Cloud Platform, they can easily provide enjoyable experiences to these users as it helps the app, to not just scale, but to do so automatically.

Massive Computing Power

There are users that require immense computing power to create. Google Cloud Platform can provide that without taxing valuable resources. With this, companies can offer the best graphics, images, and videos to their clients and to their audiences without sacrificing a pixel or a frame.

Powerful Machine Learning

One of the powerful tools of Google Cloud Platform is its machine learning engine. If companies integrate this to their applications, they are able to tap into a technology that lets them process and analyze flawlessly millions upon millions of data in images, texts, videos, and more.

Per-Second Billing

Intuitive applications do not have to be made using expensive resources. If so, it only pressures the company to gain higher and higher ROI overtime. But with Google Cloud Platform, they can regain their investments almost without stress as pricing is usually per-second. That means Google bills the company only for the duration of their usage of a service or a tool.

Multi-Layered Security

Everything that is put up on or occurs in the Google Cloud Platform is vigorously protected. Google has a network of more than 700 top security experts to ensure that large amounts of sensitive company data are safe against any kind of malicious attack.

Overview of Google Cloud Platform Features

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Data & Analytics
  • Managed Computing
  • Scalable Environment
  • Layered Security