Google AdSense Review 2016

Want to make money from your website without spending anything extra? Feel you have enough site visitors daily to be an effective advertiser? Then maybe you should consider posting advertisements on your website. If you want to try out how effective that would be then you should try Google AdSense on the Wix Marketplace. Google AdSense lets you place high quality ads on your website with relative ease and without the hassle of dealing with the other company. This review will take a look at Google AdSense to help you decide if it is right for your website.


  1. Hassle Free Advertising: – Advertising can be very tedious, with trying to find companies who will advertise with you, negotiation of the price and waiting for them to give you the material to post on your website. All this is eliminated with Google AdSense as it provide hassle free advertising. No contracts needed, you just need to add the app on your website and you are ready to advertise any of the high quality ads anywhere on your website. You can also see the results of your advertising through detailed reports showing you how much you have made and how effective your ad is.
  2. Customize the Ads: – Viewing ads can be an eyesore especially if they stand out too much from the overall look and feel of the website. This can cause people to ignore the ad or even not to view the website itself. Google AdSense takes care of this by letting you customize the ad. You can choose what kind of ad you want to show on your website, so if you are a food blog then you can advertise food related companies. This keeps the content of your website uniform and easy on the eyes. You can also customize the look and feel of the ad to match the overall theme of your website.
  3. Free to Use: – Income is revenue less the cost, so you have to keep your costs low if you want to earn big. With Google AdSense you get a chance to earn additional income with no additional cost as you can use the app on your website for free. This means you can maximize your earning from your website and all you have to do is add a window to any page of your website to show the add.


  1. Limited Layouts: – Google AdSense has limited layout options for the size of ads that you would put as they only have three. You can choose the Banner, Rectangle or Skyscraper layout for the ad. The best option would be the Banner layout as the Rectangle and Skyscraper are narrower and would show less than the Banner.
  2. App Doesn’t Work: – One of the major complaints for Google AdSense is that some users experience errors with it on their websites. Different instances like error messages popping up instead of ads, or the ad window cannot be placed on the website. Other concerns like being rejected by Google AdSense can also be found in the reviews. Though this can be expected in any program used by a large number of people, it would be better to have it at a minimum as errors such as this are hard to address.
  3. Minimal Payment: – The objective of putting ads on your website is to gain additional revenue. While this is the case with Google AdSense, it is not the same as traditional advertising. With Google AdSense, a website visitor would have to actually click the ad on your web page so that you would earn revenue, unlike traditional ads where companies pay you for the space they take up on your site. And even when they do click the ads, they pay is very minimal according to some of the reviews.

Our final word on Google AdSense

Since using Google AdSense is free, you might want to give it a try. Though we only recommend it if you feel you get enough traffic on your website as the returns might not be big enough to make a difference. Placing ads can discourage some viewers so they either ignore it or ignore the website so you have to be careful with the ads you place. If you can find ads that complement your websites content and theme then it might actually be a good step for you. Since Google AdSense does provide reports, you can give it a try and see how it fairs for your website.