REVIEW OF KEYWORDTOOL.IO describes itself as Google Keyword Planner alternative for SEO.

The tool is great for discovering variations of keywords to built pages around. You can use this tool for developing content. You can use the tool to pull in a lot of keywords related to a theme and group them into relevant topics. These topics will either become their own content page or will be combined with other topics to create a page. is similar to other tools out there such as Uber Suggest, but it tends to produce more keywords and it provides search volume for the keywords.

Understanding the Keyword Tool

The basic purpose of is to provide suggestions specific to the niche that the user mentions. Suggestions that are generated could be single words or multiple words which could be long enough to be categorized as long-tail keywords. A free online tool that conducts thorough search for keywords, Keyword Tool makes use of a feature named ‘Google Autocomplete’ wherein searches conducted by Internet users are speeded up and search terms generated accordingly. Words and phrases suggested by Autocomplete are a result of several factors, primary among them being the frequency with which a particular term has been searched for in the recent past. Other features that help with the search are Google Suggest and Keyword Tool Pro.

All you need to do is suggest a term and the Keyword Tool would suggest relevant long-tail keywords, enable you to pick a Google domain as per your niche and pick any one of the 83 languages.

Why should you choose Keyword Tool?

Unlike the Google Keyword Planner, results generated by the Keyword Tool are much more descriptive and relevant to your search query as also your particular niche. As compared to Google Keyword Planner, the Keyword Tool is not just free from an Adwords account but also provides a comprehensive range of popular keywords which you can incorporate in your website’s content.

By using a variety of keywords generated by Google Autocomplete, you can improve your website’s SEO which in turn will have a positive impact on its ranking. A good ranking implies higher web traffic, improved visibility and greater sales. Rather than being limited to English, all of this can be applied to the international arena too as keywords can be generated in as many as 83 languages, thus granting you the freedom of picking keywords that are relevant to the particular country. Advertising is another feature which is looked after by the Keyword Tool as it would aid your PPC, CTR and CPC campaigns.

Keyword Tool Pros:

  • Easy to use and extremely fast.

Keyword Tool Cons:

  • Extremely costly for the keyword volume feature they provide.