Powtoon: One of the best Whiteboard Animation Software available in the market is powtoon, and the cherry on the cake is that ‘it’s free’. As the website suggests, it’s an engaging tool to create amazing explainer videos and presentations.

Features and Functions

Powtoon has hundreds of ready-made templates that can be used. All they have a ‘drag-and-drop’ feature that enables users to create new templates from scratch.
Powtoon has a massive help community and forum that hosts webinars, tutorials and more. They also have training centers that teach novices to use the tool as a professional.

Powtoon has been used by some of the global leaders and renowned companies including Google, Walmart, Apple, Cisco, Starbucks, Staples and more.

Who can use Powtoon?

Powtoon for Business: From just an Whiteboard Animated Software, powtoon has come a long way to be used as a marketing tool. For promotion, advertising, sales and in any business situation, Powtoon has helped professionals to develop top-notch video presentations, explainer videos and more.

Powtoon for Education: Another section of professionals that extensively use Powtoon includes educators. Teachers can easily create interesting presentations to make the classes attractive. Even students can use the tool for their presentations and projects.

Powtoon for Personal Events: Powtoon can also be used to create special e-invites for birthdays, events or weddings. Choose a template, add a personal message, colorful images and voila! Your event invite is ready without costing a buck. Super simple yet produces amazing results.


Another competitor in the amination market is GoAnimate. It boasts of the professional style video creation tool that is low budget and can be done by amateur designers.

Features and Functions

One of the best features of this software is automatic lip-sync. Whether you are adding voice to a character or adding a background narration, the sync is done by default with the video.

GoAnimate offers editable scenes from different strata of business. From hospitals to IT sectors, a background for every business can be found in their gallery. Moreover, the layouts are flexible to adding new content, design and even combining two different layouts.

This tool empowers you with the opportunity to create your own characters. So, if you’re looking for a mockup of a person or just willing to create your own character, this platform is a great one.

GoAnimate offers a free trial, however, in the long run the software has to be purchased.
GoPublish ($39/month): This plan offers unlimited video creation with lip-sync, premium music tracks, download videos at 720p, import audio and image files and more. It also ensures added security and privacy.
GoPremium ($79/month): It includes all features of GoPublish, and additions a live chat option and download videos at 1080p.
GoTeam ($159/month): This is primary for a team of designers with special features like video sharing and shared library, priority service queue, import fonts and more.

Who can use GoAnimate?

GoAnimate for Explainer Videos: GoAnimate primarily offers services for animation videos and explainer videos for different products and services.
GoAnimate for School: A special tool is available which specifically works with presentations and videos in school environment.