When you want a good website design, you might think that it’s just something that stands out. But when you study more about what it is really, you realize that it’s way beyond just the look of the site but how the customers experience your website.

With website design you have to make sure that the experience of the person checking your website is pretty good. You also want to make sure that they get to be either a lead or something that you can connect with right from the first visit. Of course, there are a lot of factors involved in client acquisition but the bottom line is you start with a good website design.

So here are some timeless tips that work for any kind of website.

Simplicity is beauty

Whenever you are considering a website, you should know that there is beauty in simplicity. It’s not about bombarding people with information, but instead, you send them details and info one step at a time and at the right moment. You will give them an experience that is easy for them to follow. Experts say that audiences are stupid and so you talk to them in a simple and easy to follow way. To do this, it could mean just having one simple instruction or call to action for them. The design that best achieve this one goal, and that could be getting their email address,

It’s about the colors

You want to make sure that the colors of the theme or the website is matching. You should know that there is such thing as a color psychology. Sometimes, you have to match these colors to what your product or service is. For example, blue is showing royalty or trust. Green for food or something lively. White means elegance, and so on. Make use of these colors for your site.

The right Content

You want to make sure that you deliver the right content. Not too much and not less. They say pictures say a thousand words, so images really help in relaying info or details. You may also want to consider adding the right details or content in certain pages.

It’s about functionalitites

Lastly, you want to make sure that the design depicts the functionalities seamlessly. You can add as much functionalities as you like, but the seamless and functioning one should be a priority. Yeah you have a lot of sliders, images, widgets, and so on, but then again, they don’t work or they look messy or fighting each other in terms of value, then you better want to organize it.

Use these tips and you will certainly do wonders to your site!