A lot of people nowadays use WordPress in developing their websites since its popularity rose through the years. As its systems and CMS makes development much better and easier, this also elevated the demand for support and services as the process and updates on the system also began to grow as well. Most businesses now rely on websites and online marketing to make sure that they are at the top of their game and we all know that building and maintaining the websites is a huge task to follow through. Luckily the company, Tilden Tasks has been offering and providing great WordPress services and support to clients in the online world. Huge jobs and tasks that you need to get done for your WordPress websites can be handled with a professional level to the “tasks” done.

A lot of Tilden Tasks reviews and people on the internet have said a lot about the company’s great work and right now, we just want to know a bit more about the Tilden Tasks packages and rates and also to get to know them and what they do. Since a lot of aspects in the website development is needed like SEO, Data analysis, site maintenance and more, these tasks can be handled by them with them. They also give affordable and flat rates to make sure that they provide value to their clients as well. It’s all about your money’s worth.

What They Offer

Tilden Tasks packages and plans make sure that their clients can choose the services that would fit their needs. This is also good especially for those who have heavier tasks to be done on their websites, saving the client’s time and money. Let take a closer look on their plans and further details on the packages. The good news also that they have a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you that they offer you the value and the trust that you deserve.

Basic Plan

Just for $77 a month, get the basic essentials with the included details:

  • Unlimited* WordPress tasks
  • Detailed notes for every task
  • Up to 1 Task-hour Per Business Day
  • Submit tasks 24/7
  • One business day turnaround


Just for $97 a month, getting the pro plan will give you additional leverage with some added features aside from the basics like:

  • Unlimited* Basic Graphics and Design tasks (Illustrator & Photoshop)
  • Priority Emergency Care
  • Site Improvement Suggestions
  • Theme, Plugin, and Core Software Updates
  • Site Backups and Restorations

Pro Plus!

Just for $147 a month, this plan will cover a lot of tasks that needs to be handled, leveling up the Pro experience by having:

  • Up to 2 Task-hours Per Business Day!


With these Tilden Tasks packages and plans give you a total idea on how far the support will take you by choosing the right fit for you. So for any WordPress development worries that you have, Tilden Tasks is there for you.