Without mincing words, UPWORK SUCKS! But you know what really tickles my underbelly? It’s the fact that people still use them!

Never ever make that mistake if using Upwork. If you need any work done, it’s better to reach out to individual freelancers or agencies to get your projects completed.

For instance, if you need design work done, there are thousands of designers out there. If you need content written, topnotch freelance writers abound online. If you need website maintenance, reliable support services are available.

Below are just a few of the reasons why Upwork is built on suckville.

  • Instability: I have no idea who is in control of the design and functionality of Upwork.com but the sudden, illogical changes in design and constant crashing of the site and messaging system rendered Upwork 101% useless around twice a week or more… not to mention their Ubuntu client is non-functional. Their tech team must be a bunch of sucker freelancers hired from Upwork to run Upwork!
  • Awful Support: It’s one thing to use a service; it’s another thing to get what you want from that service. One thing that should never miss in an online business is quality customer support, but unfortunately that’s exactly what is missing on Upwork… only that you’ll be speaking to a teenager from the Philippines.
  • Low quality: Upwork and low-quality of work are like Lionel Messi and the round leather ball — they can’t do without each other. Except you’re ready to sacrifice quality (and results), then don’t go near Upwork.