In the world of WordPress, there are a lot of tools that can really help out in the development process for your websites. These are called WordPress plugins. Since these tools help much in different aspects in our websites, now there are really a lot to choose from. Whether this will be for improving your themes, SEO, security, and a lot more that these tools can do. It would also be great to know quite a few of them a good way to do this is to start from the well known and top rated WordPress plugins.

More WordPress Plugins for you

Now let’s get to know a few of these tools and who knows, you might even find these very helpful and can be a lifesaver in improving or maintaining your WordPress websites.

SEO Plugin – Yoast SEO

yoast seo

SEO is a very important element to be added to the contents of your websites to help these rank higher in search engine results. Users input “keywords” in the search bar and depending how SEO friendly your content or your website itself is, the higher chances for it to go to the top from competing websites. Yoast SEO is a well-known SEO tool with a very easy to use user interface. It helps makes readability and SEO in your content better by giving recommendations and statuses on how good each part of the contents of your websites.


eCommerce Plugin – WooCommerce


Since business has risen to a greater level and has now spread throughout the web. Having an eCommerce plugin will really come in handy. WooCommerce handles functions for selling, payment, shipping details and also makes you be in control of managing your online store to better cater to clients and improve your business using websites.

Image Gallery Plugin – Foo Gallery

Foo Gallery

Having a cool image or video gallery on your website is a great plus and Foo Gallery is a great tool for this kind of job. It gives you a great management system for you to showcase your amazing images and videos in the way you want them to be. With the simplicity and the further add-ons, it ensures you to have the top quality gallery for your website.

Security Plugin – Clef Two-Factor Authentication


Security is very important for our websites. Clef provides great features the provide a much higher level of authentication that enforces passwords, added authentication methods, and varied options to make sure that authentication is reinforced to better reduce risks hacks and online authentication attacks on your websites.

You can always check out more WordPress Plugins online and see which is best that is needed in your WordPress websites.