Today, there are a lot of WordPress development companies that caters to various needs especially in creating small or huge scale websites. Since the competition is quite high, choosing the right WordPress developers would also be quite a challenge. But if you are aiming to get the job done right for your website, then one good way is to get to know great companies that are on the top of the game and surely can deliver and get the development tasks done for you.

The Big Drop

Talk about having professional web design and other features, Big Drop is one of the best WordPress developers in the market today. With their performance, services and portfolio they have, it’s safe to say that it cost wise, they gauge from medium to enterprise level business websites. But let’s set aside the cost first and see what value they can offer.

Big Drop also has a varied set of services gauging from Web Design, Branding, Marketing and Video Productions. These services aim to provide the utmost support that the business needs. They say that building the website is just the start. How to incorporate the other business factors to get the business going is another thing to keep in mind.  To put it simply, the main goals of Big Drop is to ensure top website performance, level-up the Website User Experience and great Customer support for the clients.

Starting with the design, how your website looks is definitely a major factor. They also see that the Branding of the business or the company will be emphasized and mix and matches it to have the right feel. SEO is also prioritized since it is also beneficiary to the website to get as much ranking in search engines. Based on some ratings and tests made by different reviewers, ratings goes from 60-75% gauging with other competitors as well.

On the User Experience side, since Big Drop main content management system (CMS) is WordPress, specialization and ease of use of the tools in updating and maintaining the site are ensured. They also use responsive templates and provides more options to site users and developers as well. Aside from ease of use, they also ensure that the site doesn’t run with those heavy Flash components to make the site as efficient as possible.

These set of services and more like Hosting, Data Analysis and other factors that set the bar in getting your site to have top performance, There are many other competitors like BeLocatedOnline, Tilden Tasks, Blue Fountain Media and others that offer comprehensive services, but surely with the goals Big Drop, you can rest assured that your investment will be a great one.